We are a fourth generation, family farm and we understand the importance of growing healthy food. HyR BRIX® Fertilizer products replenish the soil with a balance of primary, secondary and essential micro-nutrients that many commercial fertilizers do not provide. Just one application feeds all season long, delivering increased plant health, production and most importantly, produce with a higher nutritional value.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

The tomatoes did good this year after using HyR BRIX®.
David Y.Mifflintown, PA
“We use HyR BRIX® with much success, but I love to hear my customers say: “I know it works” or “We give HyR BRIX® credit for success” or “It made a huge difference for us!”  
Graber’s Greenhouse
“I personally tried it before selling it to my customers and the peppers and tomato stalks were so strong and thick, they really held up the fruit well. The plants were twice the size compared to other fertilizers.”  
The Grainery (Decatur, IN)
Despite the drought and unusual weather, this past summer we probably had one of our best gardens ever after using HyR BRIX® Fertilizer.
Roger L.
“Your advertising, service and products work!”  
Esch Ag Supply (Fountain City, IN)
Hyr BRIX® fertilizer did help my garden. The tomato plants were bigger, the zucchini more plentiful (despite early critter damage), and the kale was less susceptible to aphids. I can’t say that I’ve reached high brix yet, but I did see improvement.
Robert A.Toledo, OH
Bigger, better plants that produced better. We also used it on the pasture with good results!
Bluegrass Farm Supply
This was the easiest fertilizer to use. I only had to apply it once and it worked great. Last year I applied fertilizer every other week, I’m glad I found HyR BRIX®.
Twila K.Galena, OH
Great looking corn crop for less than $250 an acre. Fertility, Herbicides and seed. Thanks HyR BRIX !
We’ve had a better crop of veggies than usual and this is a great product for small gardens.
Levi H.