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…the best you will ever use.

HyR BRIX® contains micro-nutrients, secondary nutrients, and minerals. If it's not in the soil , it's not in the plant.  Just one application lasts all season long. No other fertilizer compares!

I can’t believe how much longer my lettuce stays good in the refrigerator.  I bought salad mix from the grocery store and harvested some of my own.  The salad mix from the grocery went bad before we could finish it.  I had to throw it out weeks ago.  The lettuce from my garden is still good!
Gigi D.

Learn how HyR BRIX® revolutionizes what you grow

We are a family farm that has been in business for over four generations. We know first hand that an unbalanced, depleted soil will not produce the nutritious and abundant harvest we all strive to achieve. We found it impossible to find the quality of fertilizer we were looking for on the market, so we made it our mission to create our own.
Slow Release Fertilizer
Essential Micro-Nutrients
Extends Growing Season
Replaces Multiple Products
The triple stack corn is showing the most gray leaf spot in my test plot.   The conventional corn looks much healthier.  Looks like they have bread the health right out of that expensive corn.  Four workhorse conventional varieties look the best.

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