We are a fourth generation, Christian family farm and we understand the importance of growing healthy food. HyR BRIX® products replenish the soil with essential micro-nutrients that many commercial fertilizers do not provide. Just one application feeds all season long, delivering increased plant health, development and most of all production.

We Revolutionize What You Grow


What Our Customers Say About Us

We think our 2 1/2 year old heifer filled out very fast and grew about 6 inches in 4-6 weeks.
Michael L.
There is more moisture, a sweeter taste, and the meat of the vegetable more consistent.  By the way, the carrots are very sweet – almost like candy sweet.
Jim W.
In my part of the country the growing season should be winding down, but my tomatoes wouldn’t stop producing!  I’ve never seen this happen before.
Owner, Garden Center
This is the first time I used HyR BRIX® fertilizer and was very pleased with the results. I used it on my fall cole crops and the results were amazing, I should’ve taken pictures of the results. My carrots, beets, spinach, and cabbage were great. I will use it again on all my vegetables.
Bill J.Inman, SC
Great pasture and lawn fertilizer!
Mike W.Coatesville, IN
“I usually have to plant a lot of green beans so I can get enough. This year I used HyR BRIX® Vegetable Fertilizer and my plants could not quit giving beans! I supplied the whole neighborhood and more with beans, while others were having difficulty growing beans. I’ll never have another garden without using HyR BRIX®! I really look forward to using the Tomato and Sweet Corn Fertilizer.”
Ramer Seed Supply (Sharon Grove, KY)
I used the spring and fall lawn fertilizer with great results, as well as the vegetable and tomato fertilizers. I like the ingredients and nutrients in the product.
Steve & Rita B.Delaware, OH
I raised a 19.6 lb. cabbage for my school project.
Katelyn D.
Hyr BRIX® fertilizer did help my garden. The tomato plants were bigger, the zucchini more plentiful (despite early critter damage), and the kale was less susceptible to aphids. I can’t say that I’ve reached high brix yet, but I did see improvement.
Robert A.Toledo, OH
The tomatoes did good this year after using HyR BRIX®.
David Y.Mifflintown, PA