We are a fourth generation, family farm and we understand the importance of growing healthy food. HyR BRIX® Fertilizer products replenish the soil with a balance of primary, secondary and essential micro-nutrients that many commercial fertilizers do not provide. Just one application feeds all season long, delivering increased plant health, production and most importantly, produce with a higher nutritional value.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

“Your advertising, service and products work!”  
Esch Ag Supply (Fountain City, IN)
HyR BRIX® fertilizer definitely improves fruit quality and plant health. I used the 12-12-12 on my whole garden, plus the tomato and sweet corn fertilizers. I really like your specialized fertilizers for individual crops.
Craig F.St. Paris, OH
We had a very good garden this year. Growing conditions were very good, so it’s hard tell if it made a difference, as this was the first time using it. We will try again next year.
Marvin & Ruby H.Lagrange, IN
The HyR BRIX® worked great! I have great side by side pictures.
Steve J.New London, WI
For years I have had trouble growing nice corn. I used HyR BRIX®  Sweet Corn two years in a row. This past year I had the most beautiful corn. We got more rain than usual, but I really feel it was the fertilizer that helped. The stalks were so green and each stalk had 2 nice ears sometimes 3. The cobs were also filled out all the way to the top. I thought the flavor was better as well. I would defiantly recommend it to anyone.
Keith & Miriam M.Hutchinson, KS
Growth production was better than has been with HyR BRIX®. Vegetable production was better – bigger tomatoes, more cucumbers. We think this is a great fertilizer for southern Colorado.
Rick U.Penrose, CO
We have used HyR BRIX® for 2 or 3 years, and wouldn’t use any other fertilizer. The onions are like soft balls. Tomatoes quite large and very productive. Green beans, squash, peas, and cabbage – everything has been very productive!
Gayle H.Marion, OH
I put HyR BRIX® on our garden and lawn. I thought our garden did great for how dry it was. The tomatoes tasted excellent!
Leroy Y.
Our daughter-in-law planted sweet corn in her garden and put on HyR BRIX® until she ran out on the last couple of rows, so she decided to leave it to see if she could tell the difference and she was very surprised at the difference. The plants with HyR BRIX® had bigger cobs and the 2nd ears were almost as big as the first ear!
Troyer's Country Store
We think our 2 1/2 year old heifer filled out very fast and grew about 6 inches in 4-6 weeks.
Michael L.