We are a fourth generation, family farm and we understand the importance of growing healthy food. HyR BRIX® products replenish the soil with essential micro-nutrients that many commercial fertilizers do not provide. Just one application feeds all season long, delivering increased plant health, development and most of all production.

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What Our Customers Say About Us

I liked using it for my rhubarb and blueberries.
Rudy S.
A simple, easy to apply, anyone can understand it, product that works! We especially like the results of using pasture fertilizer on pasture and even more excited about the results of using it on lawns as well.
MeadowView Greenhouse
Great looking corn crop for less than $250 an acre. Fertility, Herbicides and seed. Thanks HyR BRIX !
We have used HyR BRIX® for 2 or 3 years, and wouldn’t use any other fertilizer. The onions are like soft balls. Tomatoes quite large and very productive. Green beans, squash, peas, and cabbage – everything has been very productive!
Gayle H.Marion, OH
HyR BRIX® has made my gardening so easy and enjoyable.   The tomatoes and potatoes this year were amazing and everything else yielded well and had great quality!  Sweet corn fertilizer seem to make corn mature earlier.
“I personally tried it before selling it to my customers and the peppers and tomato stalks were so strong and thick, they really held up the fruit well. The plants were twice the size compared to other fertilizers.”  
The Grainery (Decatur, IN)
We used HyR BRIX® on our potatoes. My wife remarked,”You pulled up the stalk and it was like a 5 lb bag of potatoes hanging there.” / From a customer: I need your Tomato fertilizer. I never had any success growing tomatoes until I used Hyr BRIX®!
Valley View Country StoreSparta, TN
We used HyR BRIX® on our tomatoes. We never had so many tomatoes before. We picked bushels and bushels of them. After a dry spell we used more fertilizer and we had a second crop of tomatoes!
Valley View Country StoreSparta, TN
“Your advertising, service and products work!”  
Esch Ag Supply (Fountain City, IN)
There is more moisture, a sweeter taste, and the meat of the vegetable more consistent.  By the way, the carrots are very sweet – almost like candy sweet.
Jim W.