We are a fourth generation, family farm and we understand the importance of growing healthy food. HyR BRIX® Fertilizer products replenish the soil with a balance of primary, secondary and essential micro-nutrients that many commercial fertilizers do not provide. Just one application feeds all season long, delivering increased plant health, production and most importantly, produce with a higher nutritional value.

We Revolutionize What You Grow


What Our Customers Say About Us

This was the easiest fertilizer to use. I only had to apply it once and it worked great. Last year I applied fertilizer every other week, I’m glad I found HyR BRIX®.
Twila K.Galena, OH
I raised a 19.6 lb. cabbage for my school project.
Katelyn D.
HyR BRIX® definitely took my peppers, eggplants and tomatoes to a whole new level. I had very strong, productive plants with very large fruit. I had the best beet crop I have ever had!
Papworth Ent.Gahanna, OH
Our daughter-in-law planted sweet corn in her garden and put on HyR BRIX® until she ran out on the last couple of rows, so she decided to leave it to see if she could tell the difference and she was very surprised at the difference. The plants with HyR BRIX® had bigger cobs and the 2nd ears were almost as big as the first ear!
Troyer's Country Store
The tomatoes did good this year after using HyR BRIX®.
David Y.Mifflintown, PA
“The completeness and time release features of the product make it fool proof. Customers come back and remark how others notice their gardens and lawns and ask how they did it.”  
Miller’s Greenery
“We have customers that really love it and when they are in the store and hear a beginner gardener asking questions then the experienced gardener pretty well sells the product for us!”
The Garden Park
I used the spring and fall lawn fertilizer with great results, as well as the vegetable and tomato fertilizers. I like the ingredients and nutrients in the product.
Steve & Rita B.Delaware, OH
It really helped my roses.
David H.
In my part of the country the growing season should be winding down, but my tomatoes wouldn’t stop producing!  I’ve never seen this happen before.
Owner, Garden Center