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Our Mission
We are a family farm that has been in business for over four generations. We found it impossible to find the quality of slow-release fertilizer we were looking for on the market, so we made it our mission to create the best, nutrient-packed fertilizer to revolutionize what you grow by replenishing the soil to improve plant health, development and most importantly, production.

What makes HyR BRIX® Fertilizer different?
 One application feeds all season long with one great result!

 Packed with essential micro-nutrients that most commercial fertilizers do not provide.

 Works great for all soil types, regardless of pH. We are all about balancing soil fertility.

 A complete fertilizer containing water-soluble and slow-release ingredients, so plants get nutrients exactly when they need them – without the added work on you!

Proven Results
Our family uses HyR BRIX® products on our own farm and they prove themselves year after year. They are easy to use and reduce your costs because you don’t have to reapply multiple times.

All Natural & Organic
HyR BRIX® products contain essential minerals mined from multiple locations in the United States and are brought to our mixing plant in Delaware, Ohio where they are blended. All HyR BRIX® fertilizers are filler-free, GMO-free, pesticide-free, insecticide-free, and herbicide-free.

Try HyR BRIX® Fertilizer today and STOP applying the same old standbys year after year – STOP hurting your soil! Make the commitment to improve the health and energy of your soil by beginning your journey to healthier, better tasting vegetables, just as nature intended.

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