As a family farm in business for over four generations, we know firsthand what kind of fertilizers are available on the market. We also know that an unbalanced soil will not produce the nutritional and abundant harvest we all want to achieve. We can no longer rely on our local grocery store to provide healthy produce. What’s available to consumers is nutrient deficient and can harm your health. Over the last fifteen years we have pursued better ways of raising healthier and higher quality crops using natural sources of fertilizer that cannot be found in today’s garden stores. We could not find the quality of fertilizer we were looking for commercially, so we created our own. Our Foundation and Custom Blend Fertilizers have been tested and perfected on our 2,000+ acres of crops. Our goal is to rebuild your soil that has been depleted of essential nutrients so that you can enjoy healthier produce from your own backyard. There is no fertilizer on the market that offers a product that works well for multiple applications and consists of nutrients and micro nutrients essential for the plant’s health.

Our proprietary blend of essential nutrients and micro-nutrients create an environment that results in reduced stress to the plant which wards off plant disease and insects. If a plant is stressed due to weather conditions or lack of moisture, it becomes susceptible to various diseases and attracts insects. Insects are attracted to the pale color of weak /stressed plants; however they are less attracted to healthy green colored plants with a higher Brix value. You can see the difference.

Our fertilizer improves the taste of your produce by using certain micro nutrients and sea minerals that no other product contains. You can taste the difference.

Synthetic N-P-K fertilizers have few or no secondary and trace elements, yet all sixteen nutrients are necessary for plant growth, not just the big three, N-P-K.

“Brix” is a term used to describe the overall health of a plant. The higher the Brix value, the healthier the plant.

Due to the unique proprietary blend of our fertilizer, it works well on  all vegetables, fruits, flowers, lawns and pastures.. It is an outstanding product to fertilize your garden or pasture fields due to the increased nutritional value and improved taste.

HyR BRIX® fertilizer can be applied at any time during the growing season and used to prepare the soil for planting. It can be applied to a large area using a broadcast spreader or to a smaller area by sprinkling (salting) the specific area.

If using the fertilizer to prepare for planting, apply 3/4 cup in a 2 inch radius around plant (i.e.: 20 lbs. will cover a 500 sq. ft. area; 1 lb. will cover a 25 sq. ft. area).

If fertilizing an established plant, sprinkle 2 tablespoons 2-4 inches around the base of the plant. Water thoroughly.

If you notice your plant beginning to show stress, apply 1 tablespoon as above. Do not apply more than every two weeks.

Yes, it is a natural slow release fertilizer and will not “burn”. Our fertilizer will add essential micro-nutrients and calcium which will aid in plant health and improved taste.

Yes, nothing in our fertilizer is toxic, there are no GMO ingredients, and there are no chemicals or pesticides.

During initial planting, when plant is reproducing (setting fruit), and when/if plant shows signs of stress. May also be applied after abundant rain fall. Do not apply more than every two weeks.

We provide several purchasing options:

  1. Online at this website
  2. You may call us and we will take your order over the phone – call toll free 1-855-HYR-BRIX (1-855-497-2749)
  3. Print our order form out online and fax your order to 1-740-417-8056

We are also in a few garden centers around the country and seed catalogs.

We do sell our fertilizer in bulk. Contact us for bulk orders over 3,000 lbs. Bulk orders can be shipped or picked up at our location in Delaware, Ohio. Shipping options available. Please call toll free 1-855-497-2749 or use the contact us page for additional questions.


A combination of products carefully researched and tested to naturally, safely and effectively create an unbeatable growing environment for your plants.

Natural slow release phosphorus contains calcium and minerals. Promotes vigorous growth, helps root development, and assists in plant maturity. Increase mineral content. Energy release in cells and improves photosynthesis.
Natural source of calcium and humic substances. Improves plant up-take of soil nutrients. Helps soil retain moisture.
Natural organic form of potassium. Improves protein production within the plant, improves enzymes function and cell division within the plant.
Natural sulfate that loosens and aerates the soil. Makes soil nitrogen more available. Reduces excess soil magnesium. Part of vitamin B1 and biotin. Helps make deep green plants, resulting in improved photosynthesis. Great source of calcium.
Manages soil temperature, keeping it at a consistent level. Helps to warm soil in spring for quicker plant germination. Also helps to cool soil during hot summer months so the plant is not stressed. A stressed plant is a weak plant. Weak plants easily get diseased and insects are attracted to diseased plants. Manages soil microbes year round. Promotes produce development.
Contains 50+ natural minerals, mined from ancient ocean deposits. Improves taste and nutrients in produce.