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 A dry granular, slow-release product – just one application lasts the entire growing season. Can be applied anytime.

 Works with all soil types, no soil test required.

 Contains micro-nutrients, secondary nutrients, and minerals.

 Includes humates, microbes, and probiotics that act as soil conditioners making nutrients more available to the plant and improving soil biology.

 Contains multiple sources of calcium! Calcium is the king of all nutrients, helping other nutrients do their job better. It improves soil structure, root development, and leaf growth. Increases protein content and overall plant health, especially the prevention of blossom-end rot.

 DOES NOT contain any pesticides / insecticides / herbicides, GMO ingredients, or fillers.

 Products are naturally mined from the U.S.

 Easy to use. Broadcast or spread evenly throughout garden or sprinkle around plant and mix into soil then water.

 HyR BRIX®  is the only fertilizer you need.  Replaces several other products.

 Due to added soil amendments, HyR BRIX® improves water retention and drainage, as well as the physical properties of the soil.

 Extends harvesting period – which leads to increased production.

 Improves the taste of produce.

 Raises the °Brix level of the plant. Crops with a higher °Brix level have:

  • A higher sugar content (health of plant)
  • A higher nutritional value
  • Higher protein content
  • Greater density
  • A sweeter taste
  • Higher mineral content
  • Longer storage attributes

 HyR BRIX® Fertilizer has been tested & proven successful.

 Plants cannot produce their own minerals. If you are not adding minerals to the soil, the plant will not have the nutritional content it should.  HyR BRIX® Fertilizers remineralize the soil with a balance of nutrients for optimal nutritional content.