A Company Growing More than Just Tomatoes

A Company Growing More than Just Tomatoes

HyR BRIX® Fertilizer, a specialty fertilizer company owned and operated by a fourth generation farmer in Delaware, Ohio recently began a testing program for its new liquid fertilizer, and the results have been copious in more than one way.

Dan and Jennifer Lane, co-owners of HyR BRIX® Fertilizer started the company back in 2010 as a way to meet the needs of the soil on their own farm and their fellow church member’s garden troubles. Now, the company’s easy-to-use fertilizers have made their way into over half the United States and growing!

As the company continues to expand, Dan is staying on the forefront of innovative product development with the creation of a new, all-purpose liquid fertilizer in addition to the unique line of dry, slow-release fertilizers. Several growers throughout the country are currently trialing the product on their own farms, while the company is performing an extensive amount of testing on various crops. Among those is the production of over 25 tomato plants and nearly 1,000 tomatoes have sprung from those plants!

Thankfully, it was not hard for the company to find a home for all of those tomatoes, as there were several different organizations throughout Delaware County who assist those in need. One of which is SourcePoint: Thrive after 55, a primary source of professional expertise, services, and programs for Delaware County adults who want to thrive after 55. SourcePoint, located at 800 Cheshire Rd. Delaware offers a table of free food items for visitors to choose from, such as bakery items and fresh produce.

Additionally, Andrew’s House located at 39 West Winter Street in Delaware offered up a couple hundred of the tomatoes on their “free table” which is typically full of donated baked goods and other necessities. “The Andrew’s House mission is to provide a place for hospitality, healing, and education and to advocate for individuals and families in the community. It is a safe place of acceptance, where people meet, learn, find solutions, overcome differences, and achieve wholeness.”2 Among many other community outreach programs, Andrew’s House also offers free meals every second Friday, third Monday and Third Thursday.

Jennifer quotes the bible verse Luke 3:10-11 when asked what the motivation was for donating to the various organizations throughout Delaware: “What should we do then?” the crowd asked. John answered, “Anyone who has two shirts should share with the one who has none, and anyone who has food should do the same.” She states, “It is our duty to help those who are in need of healthy, nutritional food. Our hope is to not only help Delaware County in this small way, but also provide opportunities for more people to learn how to grow their own healthy food. Coming soon, we plan to offer educational classes to the community on simple ways to start and maintain small, inexpensive gardens.”

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