Attract deer, keep them near and maximize antler growth

Attract deer, keep them near and maximize antler growth

What is it going to take to get the most of the money you’re putting into that food plot? Many huntsmen don’t know that when applying only N-P-K fertilizer, food plots may look green and have some growth, but that is all they offer. Just N-P-K alone does not assist the food plot in producing the required amount of protein the deer need for additional antler growth. For deer to fulfill their genetic potential in antler growth, they must maintain 13 to 16 percent protein for antler development.1 On average deer may feed in the food plot 25 percent of the time, the rest of their feeding is natural forages. This will never average 13 to 16 percent protein consumption year round if the food plot does not provide the required nutrients.

HyR BRIX® Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer will maximize food plot protein content with the essential micro-nutrients needed to promote the antler growth everyone is searching for. When soil and legume fertility needs are met, forages taste sweeter resulting in deer wanting to return more often and stay longer. That means more abundant and higher protein consumption throughout the year. The result is healthier deer with excessive antler development.

HyR BRIX® Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer is specially formulated with essential minerals and nutrients to optimize forage growth, increase nutrient density and enhance herd health. The nutrients in the forages not only enhance antler development, but also increase the quality of milk production to enhance offspring health.

Additionally, huntsmen can expect an increase in the longevity of the food plot through balanced nutrients that give plants strong, deep roots to withstand harsh winters and stressful hot dry summers.

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