What is BRIX, and Why is it Important?

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What is BRIX, and Why is it Important?

If you know anything about gardening and farming, you may have heard the term °Brix before. Testing your plants’ Brix levels will help to see if they are healthy and give you a good idea of their quality. It’s also a great indicator of a flavorful, nutrient dense crop! Farmers who truly want to see their crops grow healthy and contain the most nutrients will strive to improve their plants’ °Brix levels. Let’s talk about all the advantages of maintaining your plants’ °Brix levels to get the best quality crops.

What is °Brix?

So what is °Brix exactly? Brix is the actual measurement of the sugar levels, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other solid content in plants. The sugar content is measured from the sap of the plant and is conveyed as a percentage. A low °Brix level will cause your crop not to grow to its full potential due to any type of external limiting factor. Some reasons it could be low are imbalanced soil, disease, low calcium, or more. A high °Brix level indicates it is doing well with high minerals, good soil, and better tasting produce.

A refractometer
It is quite simple to measure the °Brix of a plant using a handheld refractometer. The refractometer measures the sugar content and mineral levels by extracting juice from the plant/fruit using light refraction. This will show what the density of the sugar is and other solid content.


A good °Brix level to maintain is 18 or higher! Think of °Brix as being the health measurement of your plants. Feel free to use this tool on all vegetables, plants, trees, flowers, and your lawn. A refractometer is fairly inexpensive to buy as well!

High °Brix level = healthy soil!
The °Brix level is connected to the health of your soil. If the soil is not healthy and balanced your crops will not grow strong and healthy. So it’s important to take care of the soil by watering and using a natural fertilizer that will improve the °Brix levels. The °Brix levels are higher in soils due to balanced and available nutrients, micro nutrients and minerals in the soil.


Why are higher °Brix levels Important?

So why are higher °Brix levels important to maintain? High °Brix levels of your plants, veggies, etc. are an indicator that your crops are in a great, healthy condition!

THE HIGHER THE °BRIX LEVEL, THE HEALTHIER THE PLANT! We at HyR BRIX use ESSENTIAL MICRONUTRIENTS to raise °Brix levels, which most commercial fertilizers do not provide! Here are some benefits of higher °Brix levels:

Grow healthier plants
Healthy plants are only made possible from the soil up! Higher °Brix levels are important to growing healthy plants. Grow healthy plants that are less likely to be attacked by insects or any type of disease. When the °Brix levels are higher, your plants are less prone to frost. BOTH of these benefits will save you tons of money when it comes to production.


More nutrients
The higher the °Brix level, the more nutrients contained in your plants! This includes more vitamins and minerals all packed inside. The better the °Brix level, the longer shelf life your plants will have, with up to double or triple the amount.

Better flavor and food quality
Now for the most important factor, the taste of your fruits and vegetables will improve! When you put in the time and effort to increase the °Brix levels, the fresher your fruits and veggies will taste. Get the best flavor out of them by taking care of your plants from the roots up.


How can I achieve higher °Brix levels?


REBALANCE your soil!
Achieve higher °Brix levels by rebalancing your soil and using HyR BRIX® Fertilizer! Improve your crops from the ground up without the chemicals and pesticides used in the normal commercial Fertilizer on the market today. We use QUALITY INGREDIENTS: No Fillers, No GMOs, No Pesticides, No Insecticides, and No Herbicides.

All of the chemicals used in Fertilizer today do not prolong the life of the plant but only temporarily. REVOLUTIONIZE WHAT YOU GROW, and get an increased yield. Just one application of our natural Fertilizer will prolong the life of your crops and improve their overall health. You only have to use ONE APPLICATION of any of our fertilizers to feed your plants all season long!

Find a balanced fertilizer!
We at HyR BRIX provide a BALANCED FERTILIZER, so your plants get the nutrients they need exactly when they need them—without added work for you! Most plants need to be fertilized because they can’t get the required nutrients from their soil.

Other ways to get higher °Brix levels: 

While a great organic Fertilizer will improve your plant’s °Brix levels, you may have to take these extra steps to see them consistently thrive.

PLENTY of water
We all know plants cannot live without water. Even if you have a high °Brix level, you will need to ensure that your plants are receiving the proper amount! You may even consider adding alternative water systems such as a slow-drip irrigation system. You can read about one way to do that here.

Get rid of the weeds
In order for your plants to get the necessary amount of sunlight and moisture, keep the weeds away. Regularly check for and pull weeds close to your plants. Weeds can do lots of damage, so in order to prevent them, try deeply watering your plants and feeding them regularly so the roots can better compete with weeds.

Keep the sun in
EVERY plant needs sun! Making sure your plants get lots of sun exposure is vital to your plants’ growth. It is the basic energy source needed to keep them alive and improve °Brix levels. From a farmer’s view, temperature and water are the most important environmental factors that affect crop production. When a plant’s leaf absorbs sunlight, the temperature of the leaf surface increases. This causes the plant to then release water through the stomata to cool its leaf surface. Help your plants receive the most sunlight by making sure no weeds are covering the leaves, and continue to water.


Learn more about our mission at HyR BRIX®!


What makes our Fertilizer at HyR BRIX so different is the onetime, easy application for ALL SEASON long! Our fertilizer is packed with micronutrients to raise °Brix levels and elevate plant health. All of our products are tested and proven successful on the farm and in a year-round test facility!

We are fourth generation farmers and know what it takes to grow healthy food, increase productivity, and create produce with higher nutritional value. With the balance that our products bring to your crops, you will see the improvement you are looking for.

Learn more about us and our story here: https://hyrbrix.com/about-us/.


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