Do you want the best lawn in the neighborhood?

Do you want the best lawn in the neighborhood?

It’s spring, the weather is getting warmer and we all know what that means…you’re wondering how you can get your lawn to look better than your neighbor’s! You can get the lush green lawn you’ve always dreamed of and be the envy of the neighborhood by following some simple lawn care basics.

Is your mower up for the challenge?

Keeping your mower blade sharp is a must if you want to cut your grass cleanly and evenly. A dull blade tears the grass and leaves it damaged. Damaged grass turns yellow, requires more water and nutrients to recover, and is more susceptible to disease. Sharpening and balancing the mower blade a few times a year will help you maintain a good cutting edge and help you cultivate a healthy lawn!

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Are you cutting your lawn too short?

Believe it or not, a short lawn is not the ideal length for a lush, green, healthy yard. Your grass should grow to be around 3 inches high and maintain that height all season. The taller the grass blades, the longer the roots! Longer roots create resistance to drought, insect issues, and disease. Not to mention, those taller blades help shade out the weeds.

Don’t Stress out your Lawn!

You may stress over getting your lawn mowed, but don’t stress out the grass.
Don’t cut more than one-third of the grass’s height. The top third is thin and leafy and decomposes quickly adding nitrogen to your soil. The bottom two-thirds of the blades are stemmy and tough and decompose slowly. Cutting below the top one-third not only shocks your lawn, but leaves thick stemmy clippings of thatch preventing sunlight, air, water, and nutrients from entering the soil.

When you mow is just as important as how you mow. Make sure the grass is dry and don’t mow in the heat of the day…that only stresses the lawn and you!

Watering is an Art.

To keep your lawn the talk of the town, you need to master the art of watering it. Watering the right amount and at the right time can make all the difference in that green lush full lawn you are hoping to achieve! Water during the morning hours and try to finish before 10:00 a.m. This allows for less water loss from evaporation and plenty of time for your lawn to dry before nightfall. A wet yard overnight is a breeding ground for moisture-loving mold and other fungi.

It is best to water your lawn deeply for extended periods of time rather than lightly sprinkling it each day. This deep watering method promotes deeper roots that supply water well below the surface. Your lawn will be more manageable under slightly dry conditions than in overly wet conditions. Water when your yard starts to show signs of drought, and remember to water less frequently for longer periods of time.

With every season there is a time and timing is everything when it comes to fertilizers and weed killers!

Keeping your lawn full is the best defense against weed growth. A full healthy lawn doesn’t provide weeds adequate sunlight or open space to germinate. So get on those weeds early! Use the spring and early summer to attack the weeds before they have a chance to develop and go to seed.

However, not all weeds are created equal. Different weeds mean different methods. Use pre-emergent herbicides to knockout crabgrass and other grassy weeds before they have a chance to get established. Broadleaf weeds should be eliminated while the plants are young by spraying herbicides directly on the leaves.

Don’t forget to fertilize! Fertilizing in the early spring will jump-start your lawns root development, while Fall feedings help repair all of the summer damage and activate root growth to help the grass survive through the winter.
Applying the right products to kill all the weeds and encourage beautiful grass to grow isn’t always easy. Variables such as geographic location, grass type, weed type, and soil conditions make all the difference in what type of formula works best on your lawn. Don’t just apply any old product, be sure to do your research and follow the package directions.

Some products work only in the presence of moisture; others become useless with water. A slow-release organic fertilizer encourages growth and unlocks the beauty of your lawn.

Using the proper tools with the appropriate methods and the correct products can provide you with the perfect lush green lawn…Your neighbors will just be green with envy!

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