Fertilizing Fruit & Berries in the Fall

Fertilizing Fruit & Berries in the Fall

Fall is upon us as summer is starting to slowly slip away. While we hope your garden was extremely productive this summer, fall preparation is extremely important to experience an even more successful spring in 2018.

Fertilizing fruit and berry plants in late fall is especially necessary, to enhance spring budding. While HyR BRIX® Fruit & Berry Fertilizer can be applied any time of the year, late fall application is best to allow the fertilizer time to breakdown throughout the winter to create a balanced soil fertility and allow the nutrients to be readily available to the plants or trees in early spring. It is important to note that late fall application (after the plant goes dormant) is necessary. If it is applied before dormancy, the plant may still utilize the nitrogen to set new fruit in the fall. What is dormancy? Dormancy is the period in which a plant stops growing for the year, while it awaits the necessary environmental conditions such as temperature, moisture, and especially nutrient availability. Therefore, it would be safe to fertilize after the first frost of the year and your plants have shown that they have “shut down” for the year.

A nineteenth century chemist, Justus von Liebig, stated: Plants can only grow to the extent of their most deficient element. Therefore, all nutrients must be available in the soil for the plant to develop maximum health and production. That is why HyR BRIX® has formulated our fertilizers to provide these necessary elements with just one application per growing season.

Here are just a few best practice application tips:

  1. Spread 3/4 of a cup in 6-8 inch radius around base of a perennial plant or vine.
  2. On a tree application, 1 cup for every inch in diameter of the tree trunk.
    Spread in the width of the branches or the tree canopy.

HyR BRIX® Fruit & Berry Fertilizer will contribute to a better tasting fruit that produces more abundantly with a higher nutritional value. It contains nutrients that help aid in longer plant life and enhances storage attributes.

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