Food Plots 101

Food Plots 101

Legumes, such as alfalfa and clovers need a balance of nutrients in the soil to produce their own Nitrogen. The more Nitrogen the legumes can produce, the higher percentage of protein the forages will provide the animals grazing. So the higher protein the animals are consuming, the sooner a buck can fulfill the needs of his body, including antler development.

Micro-nutrients are a significant factor in the soil, which work to ensure all of the nutrients are available to the plants. Calcium, a secondary nutrient is often called “The King of All Nutrients” as it is very important to the availability of Nitrogen and other nutrients, as well as the long-term health of the plants. However, Calcium cannot do this job without the help of Boron and other micro-nutrients. This is why HyR BRIX® Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer contains a balance of several macro, secondary and micro-nutrients to achieve optimal plant health and nutrient values out of each and every plant.

For more helpful tips from HyR BRIX® Fertilizer owner, Dan Lane watch the following video as he breaks down the science behind getting the most out of your food plots!

HyR BRIX® Buck Stampede Food Plot Fertilizer can be special ordered by contacting our office by phone or email.


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