GMO vs Organic Food

GMO vs Organic Food

GMO vs. Organic food, there is more you need to know to make the right choices.

The debate over consuming GMO or Organic foods has been going on for years. GMO or Genetically Modified Organisms are foods that have undergone genetic modification while organic products have not. These genetic modifications have been made for various reasons, such as, to make products look nicer or extend the growing season by reducing the ripening speed or even to help fight disease but are these modifications better for us as human? Many times they may not be.


If these GMO products aren’t better for our health then why are they available? The simple answer is because, as consumers, we allow them to be made. A recent article by Matt Reese in Ohio’s Country Journal and Ohio Ag Net details that it is the consumer demand for such products that drives farmers and companies to manufacturer such products. As consumers we are not educating ourselves about the benefits and risks of GMO products but rather we are buying whatever is easiest and at our fingertips.


What if our lives were more simple and we didn’t rush into the local supermarket to get our dinners? What if we went out to our garden and picked what looked good for dinner? Would we then choose organic foods? What if we were squirrels? Yes, squirrels. The GMO vs. Organic corn picture above, from The Progressive Parent, indicates that in nature squirrels prefer organic over GMO corn. Perhaps they have something they are trying to tell us?


We recently found a great infographic on Organic vs GMO products from that simply explains the differences. Take a moment to look at the infographic, spend sometime researching on your own and most importantly educate yourself on this issue and make the decision that is best for you and your health.

Organic or GMO Foods

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