How to Grow Healthy Fruit & Berries

How to Grow Healthy Fruit & Berries

If you’ve ever felt hungry or sluggish shortly after eating a cheeseburger and fries, imagine what your plants are feeling after continually being fed the same 3 nutrients year after year! HyR BRIX® Fertilizer owner, Dan Lane breaks down what your fruit trees and berry plants really need to succeed.

All plants, including fruit trees cannot utilize nitrogen, phosphorus, or potassium; which are usually the only 3 nutrients found in most fertilizers, without the presence of secondary and micronutrients, such as calcium, sulfur and boron. Additionally, most homeowners do not have time to test the soil to determine whether those nutrients are there. That is why HyR BRIX® Fertilizer has provided a balance of all of the essential nutrients inside one bucket, taking the guess work out of growing healthy food at home!

Dan reminds growers to feed their plants with fertilizer each year, as the soils become depleted from heavy rains and the plants utilize a significant amount when producing their fruits. Applying fertilizer in late fall, after a killing frost or the plant has gone dormant for the year is a great time to allow the fertilizer to breakdown in the soil throughout the winter and become more available to the plants in the spring when it is ready to use the nutrients. This is especially important for fruit trees and berry plants to assist with producing hardy buds, which can be more resistant to late season frosts and early season diseases.

HyR BRIX® Fruit & Berry Fertilizer is extremely easy to use. Simply apply one cup for every inch in diameter of the tree or ¾ cup per berry plant. Always mix the fertilizer into the soil and ensure the fertilizer is at least 2-4” away from the base of the plant. Just one application lasts all season long, so in a normal growing season growers will not need to apply the product more than once a year!

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