HyR BRIX® Fertilizer | A revolution in growing

HyR BRIX® Fertilizer | A revolution in growing

It all began with the family of a fourth-generation farmer and their church. Dan and Jennifer Lane hope that the revolution they’ve begun in central Ohio will reach and affect you and your family.

The Lanes manage 2,000 acres of farmland in Delaware County, Ohio. Their own family values and desire for healthy, nutritious foods sent them down a path of searching for the best fertilizer for their fields and gardens. They were striving to increase the quality of production. Their goal was to pursue a healthier lifestyle by increasing the nutrition of the crops they grew.

A farmer knows better than anyone else that everything begins with the soil. Unbalanced and depleted soil cannot produce plants rich in nutrients. A plant cannot produce nutrients unless it can first draw the nourishment it needs from the soil. The purpose of fertilizing is to manage the nutrients in the soil so that it can support abundant and healthy growth.

Commercially-produced fertilizers fell short of Dan’s ideal. He wanted a fertilizer with all the necessary micro-nutrients, secondary nutrients, and minerals; with no fillers, pesticides, or GMO ingredients; and with a slow release. But he could not find such a fertilizer on the market, and so he set out on the mission of creating it himself.

The Lanes mixed and tested naturally mined products, including minerals taken from ocean deposits, always striving to rebuild the soil, to incorporate everything plants needed to provide, in turn, more nutrition to either the person or the animal eating the plant. “If it’s not in the soil, it’s not in the plant!”

Mixing the natural products, striving to get the soil fertility just right, they began to see results. Plants in their test plots were not only healthier, more stress-resistant, producing more and lasting longer, but their vegetables also were bigger and tasted better! The °BRIX value—a standard measurement of nutritional value—of their plants shot upward.

People noticed the success the Lanes were having. Dan was winning awards for his soybean crops. Their farms were producing better plants and larger harvests than neighboring farms. And the people of their church began to come to him for advice: What can I do about this problem in my garden? What kind of fertilizer should I use on my tomatoes? How can I prevent this blight?

So the Lanes began to mix custom blends for their friends at church. And from that beginning, HyR BRIX® became a fertilizer now available to the public. They offer a variety of products such as: Vegetable, Fruit & Berry, Sweet Corn, Organic Vegetable, Tomato, Pasture, Organic Pasture and Buck Stampede, a food plot fertilizer.

This is good news for everyone concerned about the proliferation of GMO (genetically modified organisms) products on the grocery-store shelves, for everyone seeking to provide more nourishing food for their families, for gardeners who are puzzled about the best fertilizer to use, for growers of livestock, and even for hunters who maintain food plots. Used on pasture or forage, HyR BRIX® optimizes growth, quality, and nutritional intake to grazing animals. Healthier animals result in healthier offspring.

Besides adding nutritional value to the soil and thus to plants and animals, HyR BRIX® promotes a plant’s resistance to disease and insects. It extends the plant’s growing season, increases the yield, and improves the taste of the food as well. Yes, it also works wonders on flower beds and planters.

HyR BRIX® answers all the questions about fertilizer use. Many gardeners have tried a long list of fertilizers, and with each, the questions are when to apply it, how much, and how often. Some fertilizers can actually do harm to the soil. HyR BRIX® is safe and simple to use. A dry, granular product, it can be scattered on the soil and applied only once a season, and at any time. With slow release properties, it will be adding nutrients to the soil all season long.

The Lanes have labeled their fertilizer blend as “Serious Fertilizer… The only fertilizer you will ever need…the best you will ever use.” And many people are agreeing with them.

The mission of HyR BRIX® is to revolutionize what you grow for improved health. The Lanes’ family values guide their choices. Dan is a firm believer that you do not have to sacrifice quality for quantity, and a majority of their farms are strictly non-GMO. Their desire is to keep the fertilizer company small so that they can also keep prices as low as possible, and they’ve decided to stay out of the big box stores and work instead with smaller garden and seed retailers.

HyR BRIX® invites you to join them in revolutionizing what you grow, eating more nutritious food and living a healthier lifestyle!         






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