Best Lawn Program


For the lushest lawn follow our Best lawn program of three applications of HyR BRIX® products. You’ll get all the benefits and products included in the Basic and Better programs, plus our newest product, HyR BRIX® HyR Finish Fertilizer.

Spring application – One application of Lawn Fertilizer in Spring provides nutrients your lawn needs to support active growth.

Mid-Summer application To keep that green color and support your lawn through the hot, dry summer months apply HyR BRIX® Soil Alive mid-Summer. This low-Nitrogen formulation gently feeds the root zone without pushing top growth during the driest part of the growing season. Plus, the added Potassium helps with drought tolerance.

Fall application HyR Finish is a fall application of nutrients to rejuvenate your lawn after the stress of summer and prepare it for winter. If reseeding or overseeding in the fall, HyR Finish can be swapped for HyR BRIX® HyR Start for an additional $10. HyR Start contains quick dissolving phosphorus to give emerging roots a energizing boost for quick root zone establishment.

*Lawn and Soil Alive will ship at the same time. HyR Finish will ship early September.