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We loved the results! Our plants were wonderfully healthy as a result.  However, the most noticeable observation was the increased flavor.  This was especially noticeably in the fruits, of course.

Ellen Baron

Great products. I have applied the Lawn Fertilizer this fall. Looks great! I will reapply the Lawn Fertilizer in the spring and I have the Pasture Fertilizer for the summer. I am very optimistic about the results. We also have the Vegetable Fertilizer for our pollinator pod.

Brian Harrison

I broadcasted your Lawn Fertilizer on October 1, 2018. I applied at a rate of .50 lb. of N at that time only because I plan on applying another .50 lb. of N on October 29, 2018. I have to say, I am impressed with the results.

George Popa

Thanks for an awesome product!! Very happy with the results this past year with my small garden and my fescue lawn!!

Olee Poole

As a lawn enthusiast I was told about your Lawn Fertilizer and let me tell you your product is phenomenal, I will be ordering by the pallet in the spring!

Mark Bayerl

I put HyR BRIX® on our garden and lawn. I thought our garden did great for how dry it was. The tomatoes tasted excellent!

Leroy Y.

I liked using it for my rhubarb and blueberries.

Rudy S.

We used HyR BRIX® on our tomatoes. We never had so many tomatoes before. We picked bushels and bushels of them. After a dry spell we used more fertilizer and we had a second crop of tomatoes!

Valley View Country Store

Thank you very much for your product and services. We heard about your product from a friend at church and purchased and began to use it with our tomato plants.

Michelle S.

Tomatoes so good, I had to get more. Thank you so much!”

Kate S.

Despite the drought and unusual weather, this past summer we probably had one of our best gardens ever after using HyR BRIX® Fertilizer.

Roger L.

It really helped my roses.

David H.

Best tasting lettuce we’ve ever had! We couldn’t cut it fast enough; it just kept growing and growing.

Rick F.

Hyr BRIX® fertilizer did help my garden. The tomato plants were bigger, the zucchini more plentiful (despite early critter damage), and the kale was less susceptible to aphids. I can’t say that I’ve reached high brix yet, but I did see improvement.

Robert A.

Almost everything that I used HyR BRIX® on grew faster than I could keep up with. A great problem to have. Keep up the great work.

Glenn B.

This was the easiest fertilizer to use. I only had to apply it once and it worked great. Last year I applied fertilizer every other week, I’m glad I found HyR BRIX®.

Twila K.

We’ve had a better crop of veggies than usual and this is a great product for small gardens.

Levi H.

Our pepper harvest is amazing!  We have never had a pepper plant produce so many big peppers.  We were still getting peppers late into October (filled 2 grocery bags full from just two pepper plants in late October!)  Amazing fertilizer!

Julie D.

“After purchasing our plants from Northend Greenhouse, the past few years the owner always tried to get us to try HyR BRIX®. Well last year we tried it. Out of curiosity I grew some plants with and without HyR BRIX®.I couldn’t believe the difference! The plants were healthier and the vegetables were larger and fresher! Best fertilizer I have ever used.”

Bill Sturgill

I have been using HyR BRIX® in my competitive, giant pumpkin patches since 2014. Since using it, I have grown a personal best of 1,561 pounds and a 918 pound true green squash. The addition of this fertilizer has not only increased my pumpkins’ weight dramatically, but more importantly the plant health and vigor! Thanks HyR BRIX®!

Bryan Reeb

“HyR BRIX® Fertilizer did a nice job. Our fruit trees were loaded with nice fruit and a good flavor. The vegetable garden did a good job too. We had nice, big and sweet melons.”

Dan E. Yoder

HyR BRIX® has made my gardening so easy and enjoyable.   The tomatoes and potatoes this year were amazing and everything else yielded well and had great quality!  Sweet corn fertilizer seem to make corn mature earlier.


Great looking corn crop for less than $250 an acre. Fertility, Herbicides and seed.
Thanks HyR BRIX !


After building my house I tried commercial fertilizer to fill in my grass – there were areas where it just wouldn’t grow.  After no success I tried HyR BRIX® Lawn Fertilizer and my grass in beautiful!  It is so thick and green!  I love it!

Samantha G.

The tomatoes did good this year after using HyR BRIX®.

David Y.

We think our 2 1/2 year old heifer filled out very fast and grew about 6 inches in 4-6 weeks after using HyR BRIX® our pastures.

Michael L.