Why are my plants turning yellow?

Why are my plants turning yellow?

This is a very loaded question for its wide array of answers, but one that is commonly asked throughout our retailer’s stores. While it can sometimes point to a disease, a fungicide may or may not help. The problem usually starts a lot deeper, such as below the ground. 

Just as humans, plants become more susceptible to illness when their immune systems are down. We drink orange juice, eat healthy greens and proteins, and some even take daily vitamins to build a stronger immune system, so what makes us think plants don’t need the same treatment? Both plants and humans need an abundance of nutrients to ward off diseases.

In fact, a majority of the yellowing growers see in their gardens, whether it is a disease or not, usually began as a nutrient deficiency. In most plants, the yellowing typically exhibits a nitrogen deficiency but the important thing to remember is that nitrogen also depends on several other secondary and micro-nutrients to make it available to the plant to be used. Therefore, feeding the plant with a complete balance of nutrients is key to keeping it strong and healthy throughout the duration of the growing season, especially as it approaches time to set flowers and fruit.

If you’re starting to notice yellowing or any other discoloration, start with feeding your plants immediately. In addition to the slow-releasing HyR BRIX® Vegetable Fertilizer, a foliar feed may also be helpful to ensure the plants receive the nutrients as soon as possible.

HyR BRIX® Fertilizers contain exactly the balance of nutrients growers are looking for to increase the °BRIX level (or healthy sugars) in their plants.  From the all-purpose Vegetable Fertilizer to the Pasture Fertilizer, the unique blends have been proven to yield a more desirable produce or forage, as well as decrease plant disease and insect feeding!

Discoloration can also occur as a result of under or over-watering, so pay attention to the coloring after you have fed the plants and adjusted your watering habits either way.

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