Why do insects pick on the sick plants?

Why do insects pick on the sick plants?

Ever wonder why the sick plants seem to draw in more insects? Just as the lion preys on the weakest of the herd, insects have the same natural selection. Although the concept is similar, insects actually have a much different reason for selection.

We have preached about raising plant Brix levels with a balance diet of several essential nutrients to decrease disease and increase production, but what many people don’t know is that there is also a direct correlation between high Brix levels and reduced insect feeding. Research has proven that with a higher Brix level (sugar content) in a healthy plant, insects cannot digest the high amounts of sugar. In fact, one study states “Insects get sick from healthy plants because they cannot handle the rich nutrients present in those plants.”1

Therefore, the squash bugs pictured on the zucchini in the featured image are feasting on the weakest plant in the row, which displayed nutrient deficiencies earlier than any other, then soon some disease and eventually a swarm of squash bugs found their way to the plant. Some natural techniques to controlling squash bugs suggest leaving a sacrificial plant for the bugs to chow on, but the most efficient prevention is actually nutrient availability. When all of your plants have full access to multiple nutrients, including secondary and micro-nutrients, plants will exhibit excellent health, with high Brix (sugar) levels.2

HyR BRIX® Fertilizer products provide a complete balance of secondary and micro-nutrients in addition to N-P-K, while most commercial fertilizers only contain N-P-K. Just as humans, plants require a balanced diet for optimum health, which is what each of the unique HyR BRIX® Fertilizer blends deliver all in one bucket.

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